The Unwavering Entrepreneur

February 2024

The Unwavering Entrepreneur

February 2024

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The Unwavering Entrepreneur: Words Of Wisdom from Window and Door Expert Walter Delgado

How Quality & Customer Service Defined A Company

Meet Walter Delgado, a seasoned window and door replacement expert backed by 23 years of experience. As the founder of two successful home renovation companies, Walter has impeccably leveraged his talents and business acumen to launch a successful enterprise in the window and door industry. It goes without saying that Walter knows a good product when he sees one. it’s easy to see why a seasoned window and doors expert like Walter and Window City go hand in hand; with unmatched craftsmanship and extensive customization options, Walter trusts only Window City in his pursuit to improve the homes (and by proxy, the lives) of his clients.

From an early age, Walter knew he would pursue a career in home renovation. However, this motivation went beyond just the business aspect of the industry; “I’ve always viewed the industry as a key element in increasing people’s quality of life, being able to help you improve where you live is an honor, I put a lot of pride into it”. As he began building what would later be a booming enterprise, Walter saw quickly that the industry was highly saturated; “I entered the market when the competition was at an all-time high. I did research and I found that it was not uncommon for home owners who had hired companies for window or door replacement to feel unsatisfied with the work done. There was a distrust for people who were providing similar services to myself.” Walter vowed to do better with his business, but most importantly, for his customers. At the recommendation of trusted peers, Walter was introduced to Window City. Now that he found a manufacturer that had the same values for customer service and top-of-the-line products that he held, he was able to launch into a successful venture in windows and doors, providing services he knew were trumping the rest.

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Teaming up with Window City allowed Walter to “offer an unmatched quality product with extensive customizable options” Walter explains; “Combining my industry knowledge and top-notch services with windows and doors I felt proud of installing in my customers homes. Window City aligns with our core values of customer satisfaction.” He also touches on how beneficial the marketing collateral provided by Window City is when meeting with homeowners; “the brochure and the showroom are beautiful; it helps us and customers make the best possible decisions for their new windows and doors. Their online resources, including their line of product-specific installation videos, and the extensive library of maintenance videos created for the end-consumer, are an irreplaceable source of knowledge that help us, help the customer”.

We asked Walter if there were any products or other windows and doors upgrades that were customer favorites. With a bit of a chuckle, he explained that “they love them all, but vinyl windows get the best, and most unique feedback. A lot of the time, I hear from customers long after a vinyl window project has finished”. A bit bewildered, we asked Walter to clarify; “home carrying costs are high, and they’re increasing. Vinyl windows are fully insulated and are the best option for keeping the efforts of your HVAC system in your home. That’s what it comes down to. We help customers keep their homes comfortable, and their utility bills down. Once a customer has experienced the difference in utility costs with a truly energy efficient windows, we typically get a happy phone call out of it down the line”.

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