30 Reasons To Shop Local in Ontario Now

April 2024

30 Reasons To Shop Local in Ontario Now

April 2024

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In 2022 Window City celebrated its 30th Anniversary and as our anniversary year is coming to an end we want to express our sincere gratitude to our customers whom support our local Ontario company. It is now more important than ever to encourage strangers and friends alike to think globally, shop locally, and ultimately fund a better tomorrow. In homage to our 30th anniversary, here are 30 reasons why shopping local helps us all.

Support the Local Economy

When Canadians shop local in Ontario, it has a ripple effect. At Window City we are proud to support local businesses of all sizes, by providing business opportunities to local contractors, builders, renovators, and dealers.
Local Contractors 77%
Builders 100%
Renovators 99%
Dealers 87%

Made by Canadians for Canadians

Products made in Canada that are specifically designed for the local standards and lifestyles, created by experts in the field: other Canadians!

Ontario Businesses Take Corporate Social Responsibility Seriously

Local companies tend to be more engaged members of the community themselves than most large companies (who often aren’t located in the area). When consumers shop local in Ontario, they are indirectly helping to improve the quality of living for other Canadians.

Ontario Local Manufacturing = Better Quality Windows and Doors

Shop local in Ontario, and step inside Window City’s impressive state-of-the-art manufacturing facility totaling 400,000 sq. ft. in Vaughan, Ontario. Being a fully integrated manufacturer allows Window City to control all facets of the manufacturing process. This automated system starts with Order Entry right through: cutting, processing, welding, cleaning, painting, assembly, quality control and shipping. This is all done through Window City’s ERP solution to ensure that we provide consistent quality each and every time.

Better Warranty for Windows and Doors that are Made in Canada

A good warranty should be a top consideration to shop local in Ontario, it can make all the difference should problems arise with a product. A window or door manufactured in Canada will have a warranty that complies with local Canadian standards.

Canadian Testing Standards

Window City products are inspected at every stage of manufacturing process, from extrusion to cutting, processing, welding, cleaning and final assembly to work towards zero defects. All windows and doors that are manufactured in Ontario exceed quality testing standards by at least 30%.

Energy Efficient Windows Specifically Made for Canada

Windows made in Canada are designed specifically for the harsh Canadian climate. Shop local in Ontario, so that during cold Canadian winters your windows will prevent heated air from escaping the home. During humid, and hot summer months they will keep your home cooler, and reduce your monthly energy bills.

Support the “Canadian Dream”

Local businesses are built by ordinary people, who are often our friends, family, neighbours, or acquaintances. Local Ontario business owners are not a board members or shareholders that have long lost touch with reality and have no idea what your needs are. When we shop local in Ontario, we directly support our neighbours.

Canadian Made Windows

When a window is truly manufactured in Canada, it will have the Made in Ontario seal of approval. Shop local in Ontario by supporting local manufacturers. They will ensure that the end result combines innovative design, superb state-of-the-art construction, and performance tailored to the local weather in Ontario.

Products that are Backed by Canadian Federal and Provincial Government Regulations

Window City vinyl windows are of exceptional quality, are built to last, and comply with both Provincial and Federal regulations set forth by the Canadian Government. Other non-Canadian products are not required to meet the same standards, and this shows; consumers typically experience significantly reduced longevity and product durability when purchasing windows made outside of Canada.

Windows Made in Canada Meet “Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Efficiency Guidelines

Our climate demands products that can withstand all ends of the spectrum, needs that can only be met with Canadian products, a key point to shop local in Ontario. Window City’s insulated Canadian windows are manufactured for optimal energy-saving opportunities; these meet Natural Resources Canada’s energy-efficiency guidelines and help to improve your home comfort and utility costs.

Canadian windows and doors that comply with both Provincial and Federal regulations, as well as meeting Natural Resources Canada’s energy-efficiency guidelines.

Simple and Easy to Reach Customer Service

Local customer service is simple when you shop local in Ontario, we are all in the same postal code. A reputable window and door manufacturer will provide multiple ways to contact them: by phone, email, text messages, social media and via their website.

Shop Local in Ontario to Boost Real-Estate Values

Economic investment, jobs and a thriving local business community are all signs of a desirable place to live – which is why buying locally manufactured windows and doors can actually help boost real estate values.

Know Exactly What your Windows are Made of

Canadian windows and doors that are made from vinyl use non-toxic Government approved raw material mix.

Strengthen Local Economic Resilience

Shop local in Ontario, by investing in Canadian-made windows and doors to increases the community’s economic resilience. When markets are tight, local Ontario businesses can react quickly to new and unexpected circumstances.

Quality Before Costs

Some or certain non-Canadian products, may come at a lower cost when compared to high-quality, Canadian-made windows, but the “savings” from these purchases are quickly lost, either through high utility bills caused by poor energy efficiency, or when they end up being replaced earlier than expected due to their poor durability.

Increased Jobs for your Fellow Neighbours

Shop local in Ontario for windows/doors and support the local economy by creating job opportunities for your neighbours.

Shop Local in Ontario for Replacement Parts

Should replacement parts be required, the waiting period for shipping will be greatly reduced since any parts needed are located in Canada.

Shop Local in Ontario, to Care for the Community

By regularly shopping local in Ontario, you’re helping a family businesses keep their doors open. Choosing their business over a stable national chain shows them the respect you have for their service and hard work.

Tax Revenue Stays in the Community to Help Local Development

When we all shop local in Ontario, we help to increase local tax revenue. Window City is proud to purchase from other local businesses. Increased local tax revenue helps fund our communities and provide vital services.

Shop Local in Ontario to Increases Personal Connections

There’s nothing better than dealing with a… local company that will be able to assist you even further, as they can provide you with invaluable product knowledge and offer suggestions for additional product features that could further help improve your home.

Nurture Canadian Innovation and Growth

Window City is enthusiastic about research and development, which is carried out entirely in Vaughan, Ontario. Furthermore, investing in qualified employees and contributing to homegrown innovation and ingenuity.

Canadian Made Doors

When a door is manufactured in Canada, it will bear the Made in Ontario seal of approval. Local Canadian door manufacturers will ensure that the end result combines impressive design, advanced construction, and performance tailored to the local weather.

Shop Local in Ontario to Create a Sense of Community

Residents and other local organisations benefit from a strong community and active civic engagement of local companies, as they are more engaged members of their communities than companies located outside of Canada.

Protecting the Environment

The majority of local window and door companies are responsible manufacturers. The preservation of the environment is a top priority, by following all government guidelines to ensure that manufacturing practises are environmentally friendly, by recycling any raw materials and water used in the manufacturing process.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint

Shop local in Ontario for windows and doors and reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. Local businesses often employ members of the community, which translates to shorter commutes, less highway congestion and less fuel consumption In Ontario, almost a quarter of our total greenhouse gas emissions are a result of heating, cooling, and lighting our homes. To really make an impact and reduce your carbon footprint, replacing your windows with energy-efficient Canadian made windows is key. Window City has perfected an advanced thermal resistant vinyl window frames and weather-tight insulation.

Help Build Strong Communities

Shopping locally will help sustain lively town centers all over Canada. They will also make it so that neighbors are able to make strong economic and social relationships that will be an advantage in the end. Shopping locally makes the whole community a better place to live.

Diverse Products Made for Industry Professionals in Canada

Local window and door manufacturers in Ontario tailor their products specifically based on what their customers want and often will manufacture unique combinations for local Builders and Contractors.

Invest in “Made in Ontario” Entrepreneurship

Creativity and entrepreneurship are some of the factors that the Ontario economy is founded upon. Nurturing local companies ensures a strong community.

Shop Local in Ontario to Support Ontario’s Future

A growing body of economic research shows that in an increasingly homogenized world, entrepreneurs and skilled workers are more likely to invest and settle in communities that preserve their local businesses and distinctive character.

Happy Holidays!

The Window City team would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your continued support and trust in our products. We look forward to working together with you all in 2023, have a wonderful and safe holiday season and a happy New Year!

Please be advised that Window City will be closed for the Holiday Season beginning Tuesday, December 20, 2022 at 4:30pm and will resume operations on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

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