The Great Canadian Manufacturing Story

April 2024

The Great Canadian Manufacturing Story

April 2024

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Considered to be an industry leader with customers from coast to coast and an unparalleled reputation for product and customer service excellence. Such is the tale of Window City, the largest family owned and operated windows and door Manufacturing company that has been producing energy-efficient windows and doors in Ontario, Canada since 1992.

Their dedication to deliver the highest quality products is clearly evident by the millions of dollars invested into research and development, and securing the most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment. Window City’s state-of-the-art windows and doors facility totaling 400,000 sq. ft. in Vaughan, Ontario produces both windows and doors.

From humble beginnings, it’s an inspiring story that is rooted in strong family ties and siblings whom from a young age helped their father at his steel shop factory. As the years progressed the brothers had a shared idea and a common goal to open a small window and door manufacturing facility to produce better quality Canadian-Made windows and doors than what was currently on the market, with the main focus being on customer satisfaction. Their young entrepreneurial spirit was eager and so in, 1992 they rented a small workshop in Toronto. This shared idea ended up becoming the foundation for a business – one that is today Window City.

Window City’s path to success has been driven by customer satisfaction, and the founder’s comprehensive in-depth knowledge of the window and door industry and manufacturing practices. As well as the constant improvement and optimization of technologies and fabrication processes.

When you step inside Window City’s 400,000 sq. ft. Vaughan facility it is easy to be wowed just by its sheer size of it. However, most impressive is the fully integrated manufacturing line that has allowed Window City to control all facets of the manufacturing process. They continually improve the production process by optimizing the assembly of all products. Most impressive is the attention to detail at each stage of the manufacturing process by the Quality Control Department. They oversee and inspect all window and door products at every stage of the production process from extrusion to cutting, processing, welding, cleaning and final assembly, working towards zero defects. They ensure that Window City products meet the high standards established by The Canadian Government regulations.

Over the last 30 years, Window City has built a reputation of excellence in product quality, innovative design, superb craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology and reliable delivery. Home owners, Building Professionals, Architects and Custom Home Builders, have come to know that they can always rely on Window City products to provide unparalleled performance. They are also backed by one of the best warranties in the industry.

Window City’s Canadian-made windows and doors are manufactured specifically for Canadian weather, and are able to withstand all ends of the climate spectrum. They meet Natural Resources Canada’s energy-efficiency guidelines and help to improve your home comfort and utility costs.

Window City, extrudes their own vinyl from raw material for in-house production. The windows are insulated sealed units that can stand up against the toughest of Canadian Winters. They follow the gold standard in energy efficiency practices that are made by experts in the field: other Canadians!

Window City’s commitment to manufacturing windows and doors that are made in Canada have a plethora of added benefits. For starters, when customers invest in Window City products they are directly supporting the local economy.

Window City provides business opportunities to local contractors, suppliers, builders, renovators, and dealers. As well as creating many highly desirable job opportunities for fellow Canadians.

Window City takes corporate social responsibility seriously. The intangible benefit of giving—a pleasant feeling of connectedness and the satisfaction of at least trying to make the world a better place. They are invested in the local community, as well as the welfare of future generations. Giving back to the community: Habitat for Humanity, Children’s Local Sports Clubs, and other charitable causes.

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