The Best Front Door Colors for Your Home

February 2024

The Best Front Door Colors for Your Home

February 2024

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Many people fret at the idea of having their homes painted in bold colors. They are aware that whichever color they choose, it will stick with them for a long time. Your front door is the first thing people will see when visiting your home. Before you settle for a specific color, picture the kind of statement you want to make.

You need to consider the style of your Front Door Colors together with its siding and trim. You can either use for a color that matches the general style of your home or choose to go bold. You can add some personal touch to your entry door to make it stand out. A fun doormat, a decorative door knocker or a wicker basket with fresh flowers could make the difference. An impressive shade can make a typical door look elegant and sophisticated. If you want your front door to be the envy of your neighborhood, you can select any of these fresh and inviting options.

Dark Blue

Architectural color consultants advise that dark blue creates the feeling of calm and peace in our homes. Plus, did you know that different hues of blue are thought to create lots of positive energy in to any space?


This color is inspired by the fresh flavors of the farm. It is bright and stands out when compared to other shades. It creates the feelings of excitement and fun for your home.

Empire Yellow

This shade pops out when paired with most of the darker shades of grey and blue. It complements and creates a sense of balance between nature and modernity.


This color exudes royalty, energy and creativity. In some cultures, purple is thought to bring good luck. Some people paint their front doors in purple to invite lots of opportunities to their home.

best front door colors

Photo credit: David Wright


Orange lightens up somber colors and evokes wisdom, warmth and mental clarity. If you want to add some pop of color to your curb, this is an ideal color. There are different shades of grey; therefore, you should choose the ideal orange shade that would complement the rest of the colors in your home.

Reddish Brown

This resembles the color of natural wood and complements nature. If you prefer a traditional décor, this color is ideal for you.


Sage is a soft and subtle color which is ideal for homes located in the coastal regions. This color evokes balance, calmness and comfort. It’s often used to soften bold hues of colors or bring contrast.

Sea Foam Green

This color is popular in homes found in the coastal areas. It is similar to mint green and provides a softer contrast when paired with lighter shades of blue and gray.


White is ideal when you want to create a classical style to the general look of your home. This is a neutral color, therefore, it is likely to complement every other color or create clean, sharp contrast. You can add gold or silver door handles to finish the classic look. Add colorful mats for some pop of color on your porch. It exudes purity, virtue and tranquility.

Deep Red

Red is a vibrant and attractive color. In the early American tradition, a red door meant ‘welcome’. In some cultures and faiths, a red door symbolized various beliefs. For example, in Scotland, home owners paint their doors red to show that they have paid off their mortgage.

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Green is a rich color inspired by nature and is preferred by people who love and care for nature. There are different shades of green; hunter green is featured on many front doors though this has changed over time. Lighter shades of green have been trending as most people are choosing brighter colors for their front door.

Front Door Colors

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Black is a versatile color and makes your front door chic and sophisticated. If you choose to have a black front door, you should ensure that the back drop color is light. Darker shades may hide your entry door or make your curb less appealing.

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