Anatomy of a Front Door

April 2024

Anatomy of a Front Door

April 2024

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The Savvy Shopper’s Must-know Parts of a Front Door

Almost no other part of your home gets as much exposure as the front door. It’s where you greet friends and family and it’s usually the first thing visitors see. It reflects your taste and lifestyle. If you’re in the market for a new front door, you might be a little overwhelmed by all the options available to you.

The fact is that your front door needs to be much more than beautiful. It must also be strong enough to keep out would-be intruders, and it must be durable to withstand the harsh Canadian climate.

Knowing all the components that make up a front door will help you in choosing the right one for your home, because together, these components work harmoniously to achieve your desired aesthetic. We’ve put together a short video explaining the components of a front door to keep in mind as you shop and compare.


The frame is what supports the door and consists of the head, jamb and sill. The frame sits flat sits flat between the wall and the floor. It is commonly made from wood, aluminum or steel.

Decorative Glass

The decorative glass comes in a variety of glass colours, shapes, and textures. Caming finishes are also available to blend with the door hardware. We have a simple guide to allow you to decide what level of “Privacy” and natural light is best for you (from clear to obscure) when choosing your glass style.


The Automatic Multipoint Locking System provides beauty and security. It is available in multiple finish options for added customization.


A jointed or flexible device on which a front door or window turns.

Door Panel

The front door panel is the part of the door that swings to open and close. When you think of a door, this is typically what you would imagine.

Finish Options

The front door finish options include the final, protective treatment of a surface. This includes paint, stain and more.

Tempered Glass

Glass that is treated with heat in its manufacturing, creating a product that can withstand abnormal force or pressure on its surface, and does not break into sharp pieces. Building code requires tempered glass in all front doors (including patio doors), and in windows that are located near doors, bathtubs or showers.


A fixed, usually rectangular, window placed on either side of a front door. They are typically tall and narrow and help add architectural interest to the front of your home and natural light to your entryway.

Front Door Transoms

A window, usually rectangular, placed over a door or window. Transoms were first used in the 18th century on exterior doors. They increase the amount of light let into the front hall and, because of them, the size of the front door could be reduced.

The best place to start designing your Window City front door is by visiting the custom front door section on our website to view the customization options. Alternatively, you can contact us today to get started.

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