7 No-Sweat Life Hacks For Maintaining Vinyl Windows and Doors

April 2024

7 No-Sweat Life Hacks For Maintaining Vinyl Windows and Doors

April 2024

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Proper maintenance is the secret to keeping well performing and long-lasting windows and doors. Window upkeep can sometimes feel like an impossible task; if it’s not energetic children leaving fingerprints on anything and everything, it’s curious pets pressing their faces against the glass to peak outside, or streaks left behind after a cleaning. If you constantly feel as if they are in need of another wipe, it’s time to reassess your methods. Window maintenance doesn’t need to be difficult; in fact, our go-to cleaning hacks are likely easier and less time consuming than your typical routine. If you want to step up your window game (while saving time and your sanity!), read our seven must-know window and door maintenance hacks below.

Hack#1: Impossible To Remove Water Spots? Use a Dryer Sheet!

If you have vinyl windows in the bathroom or by the kitchen sink, you may have some difficult-to-remove hard water spots. Instead of using elbow grease and heavy-duty cleaning agents, try a dampened dryer sheet to buff out the spot. The spot will lift and disappear quickly, easily, and with little pressure. The best part? You can clean your vinyl windows with a dryer sheet that has already been used in a laundry load. This hack reduces waste and needed materials, and is much kinder on the environment (and your wallet!)

Hack#2: Removing Adhesive Residue Left Behind By Stickers And Decals

Removing the sticky residue left behind from stickers on glass is extremely difficult and time-consuming if you’re using the wrong technique. While endlessly scrubbing away with dish soap might be effective for other cleaning jobs, there are certainly more efficient and effective methods for this task. To quickly remove the sticker-gunk, simply buff out the adhesive with a rag dipped in some rubbing alcohol. It may take a few wipes, but the adhesive will eventually break down and detach from the glass. Encouraging your children’s creative ventures just got a lot easier!

Hack#3: Keep Hinges Lubricated With A Silicone Spray

A silicone spray is readily available at most home hardware stores, and will be a vital tool to keeping your windows and doors new and squeak-free. Simply spray the lubricant on a dry cloth and apply a moderate amount to the hinge. Open and close the hinge a few times to help guide the solution throughout all moving areas of the hinge. Not only will this lubricate the hinge and make movements smooth, it will also provide moisture protection, and prevent premature rusting.

Hack#4: Preserve Window And Door Tracks New With This DIY Sponge

It can be easy for window and door tracks to collect dirt, dust, and creepy crawlies, all of which can result in sticky operation over time. For effortless track maintenance, grab a standard kitchen sponge and put the soft side on your tracks. Use a pen to mark where the tracks touch the sponge, and creative horizontal slits along these sections. Lather up the sponge with water and your preferred cleaning solution, and run the sponge with the slits aligned with the tracks; you’ll clean every nook and cranny in a single, effortless wipe!

Hack#5: Critters Poking Around Your Window And Screens? Use A Deterrent To Keep Them Away

Birds and squirrels are indiscriminately curious creatures, and your window screen might suffer the consequences of their inquisitive nature. To keep critters off your window sills and keep your windows untouched and pristine, use plastic spike screens to deter them from hanging around. These plastic strips are affordable, simple to install and cause no harm to animals that encounter them.

Hack#6: Dust Small, Hard To Reach Areas With Compressed Air

Dusting deep corners, grooves, and tracks doesn’t need to be a grueling task. Simply grab a can of compressed air (like a keyboard cleaner) and give the area a few quick bursts of compressed air. Dust and dirt will quickly and effortlessly lift, making dusting these areas a much less daunting task.

Hack#7: Still Have Streaks After A Cleaning? Use This Surprising Tool

Sometimes streaking is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you need to settle for dirty-looking windows. If you notice left-behind marks after cleaning, a blackboard eraser might be the game changer your cleaning routine is missing. A quick wipe using the blackboard eraser should be all you need to finish off your window cleaning. Keep one available in your cupboard, and never stress about streaks again!

With these pro-tips, maintaining your vinyl windows will be a breeze. Your windows are sure to last longer, look better, and create a happy and inviting atmosphere at home. Make your life a little bit easier; try incorporating these seven tips in your routine window maintenance to see how no-sweat proper care can be.

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