While Staying At Home, What Do You See From Your Window?

February 2024

While Staying At Home, What Do You See From Your Window?

February 2024

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Millions Connect Online As They #StayAtHome

We’ve seen a beautiful collective effort in Canada and across the globe; each individual plays a key role in protecting our families, friends and community by staying at home. In these uncertain times, it can be easy to feel dis- connected; now more than ever, coming together is of the utmost importance. Luckily, humankind has an uncanny ability to connect, to share, and unite. In true human-fashion, the “What Do You See From Your Window?” Facebook group is doing just that. The group, which has half a million members from 143 countries, prompts users to share their view as they #stayathome. The variety of views from members’ homes is breathtaking; some in brightly lit cities, others along clear blue beaches, and others immersed in lush greenery. Whatever the setting, “What Do You See From Your Window (Vinyl Window)” stresses the importance of perspective and reminds us that even apart, we are still together. Below are a few of our favorite posts from ‘What Do You See From Your Window”, we hope you enjoy getting a peek into the lives of others across the globe as much as we did.

Tibi from Amsterdam enjoys a delicious Easter meal at home.

Karen of South Dakota shares her Black Hills view, featuring a group of curious Mule Deer.

Amanda is enjoying her time alone in the Bahamas, and is hoping that the lack of boats on shore allows her to see more aquatic life come out of hiding.

Brenda’s Boxer is surprised to see two things: snow at this time a year in Alberta, Canada and some new friends that have wandered onto their property.

Elizabeth from Sweden has been using her time at home to rediscover her love of bread-making after 30 long years.

Kliment’s peaceful and sunny view from Ohrid, Macedonia.

Andreea proves you can fit a little nature anywhere, even from your window view in Downtown Budapest.

Norway’s Winter is finally slipping away, much to Katharina’s satisfaction.

Cristinia, accompanied by her two dogs and cat not only get this panoramic view, they also enjoy catching glimpses of bears, foxes, and deer in the background.

Even the birds are appreciating the sunset view from Annabelle Browne’s home in Bellevue Beach, Newfoundland.

We had to do a double take of Christine’s view from Southern California. It would be easy to believe that the unique plants and trees as a foreground to the picturesque mountainscape were a painting — not a photo!

It’s a hot day in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. Luckily, it looks like Kerrie has a number of shady, cool spots to relax in her breathtaking home.

Teddy the Great Dane is a little confused by the adventurous squirrel that found its way on Lisa’s window screen in Washington, DC.

Windows frame our view of the world, so make sure the frame does the beauty out there justice. If your windows are in need of an upgrade, or if you’re weighing your options on a new build, we’re here to help. The window options from the Heritage Maximum collection feature a thin, sleek profile, which maximizes the view of the exterior of your home. As we continue to #stayhome and the temperatures shift, you may be worried about the looming cost of utilities as the time needs for air conditioning become longer. We’ve got you covered. Our windows are extremely energy efficient, meaning the cold air produced from HVAC system is kept in during the Summer months, and heating during the Winter season. Your home heating and cooling system will need to use less energy to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, which results in much lower energy bills. While so much of our world can be unpredictable, you can rest assured knowing that Window City products and services remain the same: luxury-level quality, cost-efficient, and dedicated to helping you improve your home, your sanctuary.

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