Top House Windows FAQ’s that Make Life Easier

February 2024

Top House Windows FAQ’s that Make Life Easier

February 2024

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#1. Creative Ways to Conceal House Window Condensation

Condensation on the interior of house windows and patio doors occurs when warm air comes into contact with cool glass. House window condensation levels can vary based on the type of glass and the internal and external weather conditions. The unsightly view of condensation on your windows or patio doors can drive anyone mad. Unfortunately, window condensation cannot be completely avoided. Luckily, we’ve compiled creative ways to conceal or help remove condensation from your house windows or patio doors.

#2. How to Replace a Cam Lock on Hung and Sliding House Windows

What is a cam lock? A cam lock is a single-point locking mechanism that uses a “cam” action to lock and pull the window sash against the frame, forming a tight weather seal. They can be found on Window City Hung and Tilt house windows. They consist of the lock itself and a keeper and is secured in place on the window. Together this system pulls the window against the sash to keep it closed, locked and secure. Cam locks are easy to replace, learn how to replace a Cam lock from our experts at Window City.

#3. How to Measure the Opening for Replacement Vinyl House Windows

House windows that are designed with performance will need to be properly installed to ensure they will last for years. Correctly measuring the opening for your house windows is the first important step towards a successful replacement windows project.

To begin measuring for replacement house windows the only tool you will need is a standard measuring tape.

#4. How to Replace the Tilt Latch on your House Windows

House windows will need some minor repairs from time to time, and a common window maintenance question asked by most home owners is how to replace their tilt latch as they can break easily.
House windows tilt latches are found along the top rail of the sash and allow you to secure your window in the upright position. The tilt latch can be a surface mount or internal. To find the correct replacement tilt latches, you will need to measure your current tilt latch on your house windows.

#5. Should I Buy the Same House Windows for Every Opening in my Home?

Choosing a house window style for your home can be a complex process that is largely up to personal preference. Each room of your home will need a different window style because there are a few practical purposes of each house window style to consider. Mainly you’ll want to choose a window style that reflect your home’s architectural style. You’ll also need to take into consideration the purpose that the house windows will serve and the amount of ventilation needed in each room.

#6. Using your House Windows for Noise Reduction

Do you experience moderate outdoor noise pollution, such as the occasional lawn mower or a passing car? Is it too noisy outside your home? Perhaps the occasional lawn mower or neighbours are doing repairs or their daughter is learning to play the piano. Or maybe you live on a high-traffic road? Nobody likes noise while trying to relax in the comfort of their home.
While completely soundproof house windows don’t exist, there are a number of factors that can help you soundproof your home by installing the right house windows. They can help to reduce the noise in your home.

#7. Can Vinyl House Windows Reduce Condensation Build Up?

Condensation on vinyl house windows occurs because water vapor in the air deposits itself on surfaces that are at lower temperatures. Condensation is the result of hot and humid air coming into contact with a cold surface. When this warm, moist air meets this too-cold surface, the moisture in it condenses.
Properly sealed and installed house windows minimize heating and cooling loss, which is a leading cause of condensation. This reduced air leakage ensures that humid air remains inside.
Condensation can be inevitable and unavoidable with house window frames that are made of vinyl are the recommended material by industry standards.

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