Top 5 Window Designs

February 2024

Top 5 Window Designs

February 2024

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Window Designs

Windows are a source of light and ventilation in all types of buildings. They are also design elements that add interest and value to homes. There are many types of window designs but this article will address what I believe to be the five best window designs.

Garden Window

This type of window is smaller than a bay window and is usually located in the kitchen. The window looks like a glass box that juts out from the outer wall of the house. The design allows maximum natural light to come in with glass on all the sides and top. The bottom is a solid piece of metal. The top part is another type of window to allow airflow. On the inside of the window, there is usually a removable bed for easy cleaning or to catch spills when watering plants. Some even have a shelf to add more places for plants. The garden window is the perfect place to grow an herb garden or just to display your favorite plants and flowers. It adds a freshness and color to the room.

Awning Window

This is the perfect window for a bathroom or basement. The best thing about this window is that it opens in a way to allow airflow without letting rain water into the house. These windows are hinged across the top and open outwards. They are usually wider making them perfect for the basement or bathroom. They work well in the bathroom because they can go higher up on the wall allowing for privacy while letting light and air in the room. A lot of houses will have an awning window above a large picture window to provide ventilation without letting any outside elements in.

Bow Window

The bow window is a large curved window that juts out from the exterior wall of the house. It is basically a bay window except it is shaped like an arc. The bow window is more interesting and elegant looking than a bay window. This type of window design allows natural light and an expanded view of the outdoors. It can also double as additional seating which is essential in a small room or house. Storage can be created under the bow window increasing its function in a smaller space. This window is made by joining four or more double hung or casement windows and has been around since the 18th century.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most popular window design in today’s homes. There is a lower and upper sash to the window. They open independently of each other so you can open the top of the window only. This is a great feature especially in homes with smaller children. Fresh air can come in without the worry of the child throwing things out the window or falling out of the window. One of the nice features is that both sashes can be tilted outward for easy cleaning on both sides of the window. This is an important feature for people without the ability to go outside and climb ladders to clean their windows.

Windows made in architectural shapes are usually unique in appearance and custom made for a particular design plan. These are the windows that you often see in the top portion of exterior doors. In fact, the circle top design is probably the most popular window design in a door. Many of these uniquely shaped windows are made of textured and colored glass. Some even have specific details similar to stained glass windows.

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