The Canadian-Made Vinyl Window Guide

February 2024

The Canadian-Made Vinyl Window Guide

February 2024

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How & Why: Buying Locally Made Windows Makes sense.

With all that has transpired in the world and in Canada, it’s important to remember the crucial need to support local businesses, and this includes decisions for your home renovation or new build. When purchasing vinyl windows, there is one key characteristic to look for: locally manufactured products. However, not all “local” products are created equally; are all components of your window (and its manufacturing process) done in Canada? A keen eye and a little bit of research will help you notice unmistakable differences between locally manufactured and internationally made windows. Learn more about Canadian-made products that are manufactured specifically for Canadian weather and find out the benefits of buying locally made windows from reputable Canadian companies below.

Shopping For “Made In Canada” Vinyl Windows

Now more than ever, smart consumers are becoming increasingly involved and educated in regards to their large purchases, investments, or upgrades. Buying vinyl windows that are made in Canada have a plethora of added benefits, but what does “made in Canada” entail? The guidelines for a “Made In Canada” label means that a window must have at least 70% of its production process done within the country. The product must also have had it’s last substantial transformation occur within Canada. What does this mean for you? This means that you are buying products that are designed to suit Canadian standards and lifestyles, made by experts in the field: other Canadians! At Window City, for example, we extrude our own vinyl from raw material for in-house production by our team of highly skilled engineers. Our windows are sealed units that can stand up against the toughest of Canadian Winters. We also support local businesses ourselves by providing business opportunities to local contractors, builders, renovators, and dealers.

Added Benefits To Buying Local

Window City vinyl windows are exceptional in quality, built to last, and meet the high standards established by government regulations. Other products not made in Canada, however, are not required to meet the same standards, and it shows; consumers typically see drastically reduced longevity and product durability with windows made outside of Canada. These may come at a lower cost when compared to high-quality, Canadian-made windows, but the “savings” from these purchases are quickly lost, either through high utility bills caused by poor energy efficiency, or when they end up being replaced earlier than expected due to their poor durability. Our climate demands windows that can withstand all ends of the spectrum, needs that can only be met with Canadian products. Make sure to look for insulated Canadian windows for optimal energy-saving opportunities; these meet Natural Resources Canada’s energy-efficiency guidelines and help to improve your home comfort and utility costs. A local dealer will be able to assist you even further, as they can provide you with invaluable product knowledge and offer suggestions for additional product features that could further help improve your home. You may also find that local companies are more likely to have many years of experience under their name, and are able to offer you a good warranty. As an added bonus, should a situation arise where you need replacement parts, there will be no waiting period for shipping with local products. Best of all? Buying Local is not only beneficial for you, the consumer – but also helps support the local economy and creates job opportunities for your fellow neighbours.

Doing Your Homework: Questions To Ask A Window Company

By now, you should know some crucial terminology differences for locally made products and windows, but what is the next step? The following questions will help you discern between a reliable local window company and a potentially deceitful one, make sure to keep them in mind when going over details with a window company. Where do they purchase their vinyl or PVC material? Is their hardware high quality? What are the warranty details, and how do you reach customer service should an issue arise? Experts recommend looking for a company with an excellent track record; does this company have a history of positive feedback from others in your neighborhood? If there is little feedback about this company available, it may be a good time to decide if this is the right company for you.

Windows can quickly become a substantial investment; for this reason, deciding on replacement windows or selecting custom windows for a new construction may feel like an intimidating process. To ensure you maximize the return on your window investment, you need to know what to look for. If you’ve decided to move forward with pursuing locally-made windows, congratulations! Not only are you investing in a quality product that will save you money, are environmentally friendly, and are aesthetically top tier, you are also helping support your local community. The benefits of Canadian-made windows are irreplaceable. Are you ready to upgrade your existing windows or select windows for your new build? Contact Window City and find out more about locally made windows, and see the difference for yourself.

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