Spring Hacks For Ontario Home Windows

April 2024

Spring Hacks For Ontario Home Windows

April 2024

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As the seasons change, come and go, you might be wondering when is the best time to clean the home windows. The truth is, it’s always a good time to clean your windows. However Spring is known as the season of cleaning, and for good reason. Pollen and tree sap often accumulate on windows during spring, creating a sticky film on the glass that can be unsightly.

Follow our Spring window hack which will feature some of the best home window hacks and cleaning methods to will help you remove all that pollen and grime away. It’s time to make your home sparkle like new.

Game Changer: The Most Powerful Window Cleaning Solution for Home Windows and Doors

Watch this video to learn how to create the best cleaning solution. Once you try this powerful cocktail, cleaning and maintaining your home windows will be easier than ever before.

You’ll want to start by boiling some water. Add 1 gallon of boiling water to a clean bucket.
Add the additional ingredients below into the bucket.

Additional ingredients:
1 laundry detergent pod
1 table spoon of stain fighting laundry detergent
6 table spoons of All-Purpose Cleaner
1 Dish washing pod

And that is all! Your magic cleaning home window solution is ready. Always make sure to patch test before using and make sure mixture does not interact with surfaces to avoid streaks or damage.

Two Step Cleaning Tip for Shiny Windows

After a long winter all windows will need some cleaning maintenance luckily we’ve got you covered. Learn how to super clean your windows and get them sparkling again!

Step 1
Mix the 3 Ingredient Cleaning solution:
2 Cups of vinegar
2 Table spoons of dish soap
Fill bucket with hot Water
Step 2
Clean your windows with the “S” Technique
You will need:
A squeegee
Cleaning solution from step 1

To clean windows with the “S” Technique:
Always start from the middle to avoid “drips”. Then you cut over the right the window. And cut over all the way to the left. Vice versa – like an “S” Pattern. Repeat until the whole window has been cleaned and shiny!

How to Clean Double Hung Windows

Begin, by unlocking the window and opening from the bottom. Next, you’ll want to move the latches towards the center of the window. Press and move them towards the glass on the outside and then evenly pull back towards you.
You can now clean the glass. Once clean allow the window to gently set on the bottom or let it rest on a stool/chair

To bring the top sash down press and move the top latches towards the center of the window, then evenly pull back towards you. Like we did with the bottom latches. You can now clean the glass.

To close the window, go evenly back up and let each panel snap into place.

What is the Best Temperature for Cleaning Windows?

As a rule, you should clean windows at least once per year. In order to minimize dust and grime build-up on your windows, it is important to choose the right time when to clean windows. This will also save you the trouble of washing your windows more than you should.

To decide on timing, you need to understand how temperature and weather affect window cleaning. In general, very hot temperatures aren’t ideal for window cleaning, since the cleaning solvent will evaporate quickly on the glass, making the process harder and potentially causing streaks or water spots.

For the same reason, you don’t want to clean your windows when the sun is directly overhead. The best time of the year to clean your windows in Ontario is late spring or early fall. When temperatures are between (60°F to 70°F) (16°C to 22°C).

The reasons behind is the pollen and dust build-up, especially during the early spring season in Ontario, when a lot of pollen is up in the air. So, to save yourself the trouble of rewashing your windows, be sure to delay this task till the season ends.

How to Remove Vinyl Window Screens

After a long winter, most home window screens could use a good clean. For many removing the screens from their home windows seems like a daunting task. Luckily we have put together a short video with simple, and clear instructions on the easiest way to remove home window screens.

To remove the home window screen you’ll want to press down on the bottom corner of the window with one hand, and then pull out the top with your other hand.

When you are ready to reinstall the screen back, simply place the bottom of the screen in the window opening and press the screen frame down and push it back in place.

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