Moving Into A New Decade: A Look Back At 2019

February 2024

Moving Into A New Decade: A Look Back At 2019

February 2024

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As we move into a new decade, the Window City team can not help but reflect on the development, achievements, and evolution of the company over the years. Since it’s launch in 1992, commitment to quality and customer service have been the unwavering principals of the company. Paired with our dedication to product development and the continuous pursuit to improve and evolve our products, each year feels miles ahead of the last. Over the last year, we’ve seen significant strides in manufacturing technology, have taken part in numerous industry trade shows, on-boarded crucial environment initiatives, and launched a brand new YouTube channel, dedicated to providing valuable and irreplaceable industry specific content. Join us as we reflect on 2019, and get a peak into the benchmarks and next steps for 2020.

Manufacturing view more

You asked for the latest trends in cap-stock colour choices, and we delivered! Window City’s proprietary automated manufacturing process gives us the opportunity to offer a variety of co-extruded cap-stock colours. The cap-stock colour is not painted; instead, they are heat bonded directly to the extrusion, making it an integral part of the window or door. The result? A lifelong, fade and chip resistant finish that will prolong the life of your product. Interested? In 2019, Window City introduced two new cap-stock colour options. Make sure to check out the new black and charcoal grey cap-stock options when deciding on your home upgrades.

Industry Trade Shows

Trade shows are a great opportunity to gain valuable industry knowledge, collaborate and share experience with other industry professionals, and for attaining valuable feedback on how we can further develop and improve as a company. Two industry trade shows in particular offered endless insight in 2019; The National Home Show in March, and The 2019 Building Show earlier this December. We are eager and excited to utilize the wisdom gained from the 2019 trade shows as we launch into the new year.

Environment Initiatives – Go Green Window City

For years, Window City has placed an acute importance on creating and maintaining a workplace culture that embraces efficient and conscientious manufacturing processes. In 2019, we successfully went the extra mile and achieved ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices. We focused on efficient and productive use of raw materials and natural resources in an effort to minimize the adverse impact to the environment. Some times, manufacturers and consumers believe that you need to choose between environmentally conscious products, and stylish

products. We wanted to prove them wrong. A request we are seeing more often each day from our customers is for floor-to-ceiling windows. Who can blame them? Floor-to-ceiling windows are a timeless yet trending addition to a home that embodies classic beauty and modern edge. However, many manufacturers fall short in making these windows energy efficient. Window City has performed vigorous testing of large windows used in new construction builds to ensure that their energy ratings are on par with their smaller counter parts. The result? Beautiful, stylish floor to ceiling windows that are just as environmentally friendly and environmentally efficient as smaller sizes, a feat that has proven to be difficult to replicate from other manufacturers. We’ve also further improved the energy efficiency of large windows by adding i89 glass. These two energy efficiency measures have improved the structural and thermal performance of large windows, saving home owners in energy costs and reducing the footprint on the environment by reducing amount energy used for heating and cooling.

All-new Youtube Channel 

Due to popular demand, we relaunched our YouTube channel on November 1st. Featuring all new content, our channel is filled to the brim with vital industry specific content made with the consumer in mind. Our information rich videos further our 2019 initiative of bringing our customer service to the next level.

Along side our web site, existing brochures and traditional window and door related informational material, the Window City YouTube channel provides supplementary (yet endlessly vital) guidance when selecting, installing, using, and maintaining your new windows and doors. That’s just the beginning; get a glimpse into what’s to come, and subscribe to see what 2020 has in store here

To say that 2019 was a busy and productive year would be an understatement. Since day one, Window City has strived to keep moving forward and improving every day, month, year, decade, and onwards. We look forward to meeting, and exceeding, this year accomplishments next year! So, what’s to come in 2020? Keep an eye out for the next Window City blog to find out.

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