How Window City’s Windows and Doors are Manufactured

April 2024

How Window City’s Windows and Doors are Manufactured

April 2024

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We invite you to step inside Window City’s impressive 400,000 sq. ft. Vaughan facility where we manufacture all of our windows and doors. Excellence in product quality, innovative design, superb craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, unparalleled performance, and reliable delivery are all at the heart of what we do.

Window City’s fully integrated manufacturing line ensures all products are built to last. Close attention to detail at each stage of the manufacturing process by the Quality Control Department, as well as meticulous inspection of all products, results in highly rated products that are backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Ever wonder how Window City windows and doors are manufactured? Watch the latest video, and let’s peek into the plant and see how it’s done.

Order Entry

Window City’s automated manufacturing system begins right at the point when a customer places an order. The exclusive user-friendly order entry system allows our customers to choose how they place an order, accommodating the most tech-savvy customers or traditional ones that prefer sending an order by e-mail. Regardless of how a customer enters their order, in the end, they are all processed thru our fully integrated ERP system, which allows for real-time follow-up and tracking of an order. Integrating our customer’s needs into the manufacturing process is one of our core strengths.


Window City manufactures its own patented PVC compound made from top-quality resin. This allows us to control the quality and consistency necessary to provide some of the most advanced extrusions in the marketplace today. Our products consistently exceed quality testing standards by at least +30%.


Our windows and doors are exclusive to Window City. We extrude all window and door profiles. Investing in the latest technology allows us to produce the finest extrusions in the industry today while maintaining quality control and design flexibility throughout the process. The result guarantees our products are one of a kind in the window and door industry.

Fab Center

The automated cutting center is intended for frames, sashes, profiles, and door panels. All the drilling and milling operations are carried out with our automatic cutting machines. The mechanical saws are programmed for any chosen angle to adapt to each customer’s specific needs.


All windows and doors are built using the latest automated technology to ensure all products’ consistent structural and aesthetic features. The automated 4-point welders and cleaners ensure complete consistency throughout our entire product offering, regardless of the size or configuration of the window or door.

Glass Technology

Window City’s automated glass manufacturing system provides the highest quality sealed units.

This technology incorporates the most efficient warm edge system with our Super Spacer and allows us to offer several performance and safety options to the windows and doors. This automated gas fill machine certifies the argon or krypton gas fill for each sealed unit it produces. Additionally, the sealant around our Super Spacer is thicker than required to maintain a superior seal and to result in a much more energy-efficient product.

Assembly & Glazing

Utilizing the latest technology in tracking systems during all the stages of production ensures top-quality products as well as optimal delivery times. Window City is known to have one of the quickest lead times in the industry.


Window City’s high-performance colours include a paint formulated with heat reflective pigments to minimize heat gain for dark colours, has excellent elasticity to withstand thermal expansion and cold weather impact and has excellent abrasion and impact resistance to chipping. Fitting in well with our manufacturing process, this new paint is water-based and environmentally safe.

Quality Control

Window City’s Quality Control Department inspects all window and door products at each stage of the process to ensure they meet the high standards customers can always rely on. When the product is ready for shipping, a final high-calibre inspection is conducted to assess for any deficiencies and ensure exceptional quality.


After the inspection is completed, the product is ready for packaging. Window City’s automated packaging process ensures that customers receive the products without damage from delivery. The automatic wrapping will keep the order clean and intact.


Window City’s digital tracking system processes over 1000 windows and doors daily. A fleet of Window City trucks is constantly on the road with daily deliveries to our customers.

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