How to Pick a Front Door

February 2024

How to Pick a Front Door

February 2024

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The front door of a home welcomes friends and family. It has the power to add or detract from the house’s curb appeal. It must also act as a barrier to the outside elements as well. A person must learn how to pick a front door that will be functional and safe. Here are some things to consider.

How to Pick a Front Door

Front doors are available in numerous materials. Wood doors are extremely common. They offer natural beauty with a stained finish or can be painted to match the siding. These are usually the most expensive doors, but they can add great elegance to any entryway, especially when they are custom carved. On the downside, wood doors require a high amount of maintenance. They will need to be refinished every few years to prevent warping.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are available in numerous styles. Some may effectively mimic the appearance of real wood. The biggest benefit of fiberglass doors is that they are easy to maintain. They will also last longer than other choices. They are not affected by weather and act as a solid deterrent from intruders. Fiberglass doors commonly have a foam core that provides good insulation as well. These doors fall in a middle price range that is less than wood but higher than other options.

Steel Doors

Steel doors are ideal for people who are concerned about durability and security. Steel is one of the strongest front door options. Steel doors will never warp or crack, and dents will be simple to repair. Steel doors come with the least expensive cost but will have a shorter life than fiberglass or wood. Steel doors tend to rust, so they may not be the ideal choice for homes that suffer with harsh weather.

Colour Options

There are many colour options for a front door. Before choosing a colour, it is important to consider the home’s colour, style, and the statement that a homeowner wants to make. To begin, the colour must blend well with the home’s siding or brick. Next, the colour must go with the home’s style. For instance, when a person lives in a older cottage home, a bright orange door may not be a wise selection. Finally, a person must consider how bold the door should be. If a person has a muted sense of style and wants to blend into the neighborhood, it is wise to choose a subdued tone for the front door. If a person wants to add dramatic flair to the home, a bold colour will be better.

Decorative Glass Accents

Adding decorative glass to a front door may create a focal point of elegance. It is possible to include textured or beveled glass to maintain privacy. This will bring a piece of art to an entryway as well. Some people will incorporate glass right into the door. Others will use glass in side panels. There are endless design options to choose from.


One final part of choosing a front door is selecting the best hardware. Today, there are a great deal of hardware accents that will provide style and security to a house. The hardware must match the home’s architecture. A very modern handle may not be the best choice for an older home. Fixtures come in various designs for individual preference. A simple door knob may be preferred over a more complicated knocker and knob combination. It is essential to consult with a locksmith to assure the hardware will provide adequate safety to the home.

When a person is learning how to pick a front door, the above items will need to be considered. After speaking with a team of window and door specialists, a person will be able to examine all of the possibilities.

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