Features and Benefits of Casement Windows

February 2024

Features and Benefits of Casement Windows

February 2024

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Casement windows offer a unique, wide view with architectural appeal. Get a simple overview of the extensive features, benefits and options of Casement Windows.

When shopping and researching for either new-construction or replacement windows , you will encounter several popular window styles: slider, awning, casement, hung, fixed and bay/bow. Choosing a style of window is largely up to personal preference and the style of your home or where the location of where the window will be installed. Each window style serves some practical purposes within a home. Casement windows are worth serious consideration and might be a good option for all or part of your project, or home’s window replacement project.

Casement windows are the most common architectural component for living rooms, bedrooms and other rooms where you want an expansive view. These windows offer top to bottom unobstructed views, structural integrity and wide open ventilation. They are hinged on the side so the sash swings outward either left or right depending on your needs. See the full collection of Casement Windows here

Watch the video for a unique overview of the extensive features, benefits and options of Casement Windows.

Here are some major advantages of casement windows that make them worth considering for your upcoming project:

• Increased security

• Provide excellent ventilation

• Easy to open and close

• They offer a variety of design features

• Energy Efficient

Choosing Energy Efficient Casement Windows

Vinyl windows are affordable and they are low maintenance. Their life span and durability easily surpasses their counterpart, and for a fraction of the cost. Modern day casement vinyl window replacements come in a large variety of grades and finishes, giving home owners and contractors the same level of aesthetic appeal and design choices in vinyl windows as other materials. Best of all Vinyl offers better thermal insulation compared to wood, helping to aid in home energy efficiency.

If you see the value in a great window, come to the people who give you great value in windows: Window City has made over two million windows for homes across Canada – all with a true life time warranty. See your windows in a whole new light!

Window City is the largest window and door manufacturer in Canada with a 500,000 sq.ft facility and we offer one of the best warranties in the industry. This allows us to provide windows to meet your needs and your budget without sacrificing quality because every Window City window and door is custom made just for your home. So whether you’re looking for the best money can buy or something a little simpler, we’ve got you covered.

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