February 2024


February 2024

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Written by: Lauren Oziel
Toronto-based Designer and Founder of DLO Decor & Design

Adjusting to the times means working from home for many of us around the world, including myself and my husband. You will discover quickly that a makeshift desk at your dining room table or hunched over sitting on your bed is just not going to cut it! Creating a space dedicated for your home office is essential for inspiration, productivity and ultimately your comfort.

When considering the right spot for your home office keep in mind that even a compact space or nook will benefit your work life tremendously if designed and organized well. Here are my Top 5 Design Tips for your best home office.

1. The Desk

Based on the size of your workspace and of course your budget, when it comes to a desk you want to make sure it has a good amount of storage for things you need frequently. For me, drawers are an absolute necessity to house it all and add a desktop organizer to help keep your work surface on point. A built-in desk gives you the flexibility to design specifically for your needs. For a budget-friendly option, repurpose a great piece of furniture from another room or purchase an inexpensive desk from one of many Toronto-based stores.

2. The Chair

Comfort is key! Does your job require sitting for most of your work day? Choose an ergonomic office chair that will have important adjustable features to keep you comfy all day. Look for an adjustable backrest, seat height and base, sufficient padding, and adjustable armrests. Legs with wheels and a swivel seat are important too. You might not require such an elaborate chair and may feel more comfortable with something more minimalist. No matter what your seating needs are, try to make time for exercise. A daily walk can lift moods, reduce stress, increase energy levels and improve overall health.

3. The Storage

A place for everything! If your home office has lots of wall space maximize it with full height, wall-to-wall storage. This can be created with either custom built-in cabinetry or even a few inexpensive bookcases installed to look like a custom unit. Closed storage like cabinets and drawers will organize supplies and files, keeping your home office in order. Open shelving is useful for books and accessories like picture frames and decorative objects. Adding baskets to open shelving will maximize storage for smaller items. If your office space is tight on size or maybe it’s just a nook search for a smaller movable storage unit on wheels for flexibility. Placing floating shelves above your desk will also keep your workspace organized and clutter free.

4. The Lighting

Lighting plays a big role in work productivity. Dull lighting can decrease energy levels, discourage spirits and cause eye strain leading to headaches. Overall poor lighting is not conducive for a successful work space.

Natural lighting is always a huge bonus in a home office. It provides the perfect source of general and task lighting. Use large windows and patio doors to allow the natural light to fill the space and feel the uplifting effects to your mood and well-being. It’s best if natural light is in front of or to the side of your desk to avoid screen glare.

Energy efficient windows are a great way to minimize our carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption. Some added benefits: lights can be kept off to save on energy, large windows enhance natural heating in colder months and improved ventilation allows for less electric energy use. If your home office has a separate entrance consider a custom sliding door to save on space or a beautiful set of French doors for a more formal approach.

If your workspace lacks natural light or maybe you work in the evening, artificial lighting will be an important factor. Overhead ambient lighting like recessed/pot lights or a great ceiling fixture will be your main source of lighting. Adding a desk lamp for task lighting will help with more detailed work.

5. The Calls

Now more than ever video conferencing is an essential part of today’s socially distant work environment. Create an easy professional background by hanging a large piece of art on the wall behind you and clear the area of all clutter. If you have shelving behind you, declutter and stage the shelves with minimal, monochromatic decorative objects. Keep it simple and don’t forget to turn on the lights! A few more tips: Make sure you’re not in a high-traffic area or showing a private space like your bed or a washroom in the distance. If you have limited options, designate a space in your home with a blank wall. This will serve as the perfect spot to use a digital background.

Create a space that inspires you, that brings you happiness. Include a favorite piece of art, pictures of that incredible vacation and your loved ones. A place you can be productive and at ease.

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