5 Amazing Window Designs You Should Consider

February 2024

5 Amazing Window Designs You Should Consider

February 2024

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Windows come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes. The role of windows has changed over time, besides providing light and ventilation; they are used to make a statement. In addition to enhancing the design of the house, they reflect the homeowner’s style and character.

Many people replace their windows for safety reasons, energy conservation or altering the appearance of a room. When replacing your windows, ensure that they don’t alter the original layout design of the house.

Window Designs

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The most common window designs are the sash, square windows and case windows. While they are easy to clean and require little maintenance, these windows could make a room dull. You can alter the appearance of a room by installing stylish windows. New technology has enabled innovation of magnificent yet energy efficient windows. If you want your house to stand out, you may want to consider installing these chic window designs.

Bay Windows

They are also referred to as bow windows. These windows are great for adding flair and splendor to any drab room. They feature three or more segments of windows joined to form a curve. These windows are ideal if you’re looking to create more interior space because they protrude to the exterior. They provide a three-dimensional feel to your house and allow light into the room. These windows enable you to enjoy beautiful views from your house and could provide an extra storage place or seat.

Window Designs

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Transom Window

This is a small window over a door or another window. A beam or bar is used to separate a door or window from the small window above. Generally, this is a decorative window. But could be operational to allow air circulation or stationary to let in more light.

These windows are ideal if you want to create the feel of larger spaces. You can install these windows above interior or exterior doors to enhance their beauty.

Window Designs

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Clerestory Windows

If you want to increase the amount of natural light into any inner space, clerestory windows could do the trick. These windows are placed high up in the wall- above eye level- and make the room bright and beautiful.

They enhance roof lines while ensuring that your privacy is maintained. These windows provide enough space for storage and ensure that the walls remain in sound condition.

Window Walls

Window walls connect the indoors with the outside world. They create a calm transition between the interior and exterior areas. These windows allow you to enjoy magnificent views and strike balance by creating focus in a room. You can increase ventilation by combining window walls with roof windows. This creates updrafts which channel warm air away from the house. This type of window is common in beach homes and lakefront homes.

Window Designs

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Entry Door Windows

An impressive entryway says a lot on the character and style of the homeowner. Your front door determines what people can expect when they enter your home. While transoms and sidelights may be used to provide light and views, they could also decorate entryways.

Unusual Window Shapes

A magnificent window can be the point of focus and bring character in a room. An unusual window shape can be used to highlight a home’s design. These windows could be installed in any part of a room to bring light and warmth to dark corners.

Contemporary Windows

Innovation has enabled the customization of different styles of windows, which are energy efficient. Contemporary windows are ideal for modern architecture. They create clean lines and larger spaces. If you’re renovating your home, you can ask an expert to help you choose the perfect window that suits your home’s design.

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