Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows is an excellent way to upgrade your home’s energy efficiency and it doesn’t have to be done by a professional installer. With a lot of care and a proper guides, you can save money by performing the installation yourself.

Replacement Windows

Here are some replacement windows benefits for your home:

  1. Make Your Home Energy Efficient

    Replacement windows can help make your home energy efficient, which is not only kinder on the environment, it’s also kinder on your wallet.

  2. Increase the value of your home

    If you are planning on selling or flipping your home in the next couple of years, there is no easier way to quickly up the value than by replacing old windows.

  3. Maintain Consistent Indoor Temperatures

    New, energy efficient windows will block up to 70% of solar heat gain, helping you keep your home consistently cool and keeping your HVAC system working efficiently.

  4. Protect Your Furniture

    The sun can wreak havoc on your furniture, carpet, and curtain colours.

  5. Block Noise and Keep Your Privacy

    Outside noises, especially for those living in busy cities or intersections, can cause a real unwanted distractions in a home.

  6. Added Security

    Sadly, older conventional windows do little for your home security. Modern windows offer higher quality hardware that is close to impossible to open from outside.

  7. Clearer Views

    Long term condensation can fog up home windows over time.

  8. Better functionality

    Older windows can stall, stick, and overall do not open and close smoothly.

  9. Re-imagine Your Home

    Your windows play a much bigger role in the look of your home than you would think. By replacing yours, you can recreate the whole design of your home, without the costly investment of renovations.

For more information please watch the Replacement Windows Installation Video or read our blog post: 9 reasons why you need to invest in replacement windows.

Our Replacement Windows are Energy Star Performance Rated

The Energy Star™ program was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help identify energy-efficient choices for your home. The Energy Star™ seal is only granted to products that demonstrate significant reduction in energy consumption in the home. The majority of Window City windows and doors meet or exceed U.S. and Canadian regulations to be considered Energy Star™ compliant. Window City is also an Energy Star™ Partner