Our comprehensive knowledge of the window industry is evident in our investment in the most advanced manufacturing equipment available from around the world. Being a fully integrated manufacturer has allowed Window City to control all facets of the Window City manufacturing process.

We have an automated assembly line for our new door line which is one of the most flexible automated door production lines around. It can handle the most complex door combinations with multiple customer options. This automated system starts with Order Entry right through: cutting, processing, welding, cleaning, painting, assembly, quality control and shipping. This is all done through Window City’s ERP solution to ensure that we provide consistent quality each and every time. We staffed it with highly trained assemblers and quality control officers who can deal on the spot, with any small issues that may arise.


Window City manufactures its own PVC compound made from top quality resin. This allows us to control the quality and consistency necessary to provide some of the most advanced extrusions in the marketplace today. Our products consistently exceed quality testing standards by at least +30%.

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We extrude all of our profiles, making our products exclusive to Window City. Our investment in the latest technology allows us to produce the finest extrusions in the industry today, while maintaining quality control and design flexibility throughout the process. The end result guarantees our products are one of a kind in the window and door industry.

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Insulated Glass Units

Window City’s state of the art automated glass manufacturing system is designed to provide the highest quality sealed units each and every time. This technology allows us to incorporate the most efficient warm edge system with our Super Spacer as well as allowing us to offer several performance and safety options in our windows and doors. This automated gas fill machine allows Window City to actually certify the argon or krypton gas fill for each sealed unit it produces. Even the sealant around our Super Spacer is thicker than required and maintains a superior seal.

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Automated Welding and Cleaning

All units are manufactured using the latest automated technology which is designed to ensure consistent structural and aesthetic features for each and every product. Automated 4 point welders and cleaners ensure this consistency throughout our entire product offering regardless of the size or configuration of your windows or doors.

Windows Manufacturing


Window City has installed a high performance painting process that allows us to provide a 10 year colour warranty. This new paint is formulated with heat reflective pigments to minimize heat gain for dark colours, has excellent elasticity to withstand thermal expansion and cold weather impact and has excellent abrasion and impact resistance to chipping. Fitting in well with our Manufacturing process this new paint is water based and is environmentally safe.



We use the most advanced water based staining system available. These products are designed specifically to apply to PVC and fiberglass doors and we offer a choice of 9 standard stain colours with the ability to custom match any stain colour. Our process produces premium high quality finishes while offering excellent protection for your doors. This stain molecularly bonds to the surface and has solar reflectance. We use a non-yellowing clear coat to offer superior adhesion and UV performance. Like our paint, this stain is also environmentally safe.

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