Why choose Window City?

    • Our products are inspected at every stage of manufacture from extrusion to cutting, processing, welding, cleaning and final assembly to work towards zero defects. It’s this passion for each and every product we create that’s allowed us to have OVER ONE MILLION WINDOWS IN HAPPY HOMES IN ONTARIO ALONE.
    • We’re a 4th GENERATION WINDOW AND DOOR MANUFACTURING COMPANY as well as the LARGEST FAMILY OWNED WINDOW AND DOOR MANUFACTURER IN CANADA. We’re also the largest Window and Door Manufacturer in Canada under one roof.
    • We are the ONLY manufacturer in Canada to use a patented raw material mix which allows for a stronger, longer lasting and more energy efficient vinyl window.
    • Our Products exceed all quality testing standards by at least 30%. Our vinyl walls are thicker and stronger. Our gas filled windows exceed the industry standard. The sealant around our Super Spacer is thicker than required and maintains a superior seal.
    • Our Casement and Slider windows constantly outrank competitors and we have more “Most Efficient” windows than other manufacturer according to Energy Star ratings.
    • We’ve invested millions of dollars to obtain the highest quality and most advanced manufacturing equipment available allowing us to offer custom built windows quickly and without custom pricing.
      • We offer more energy efficient glass options than any other manufacturer.


    • We are a conscientious manufacturer that makes sure what we do is safe for the environment, recycling any raw materials and water used in our manufacturing process.