Saving Energy and Using Your Windows Wisely: Advantages of Big Windows

advantages-of-big-windowsA growing number of people are interested in conserving energy in their homes. Typically, these individuals site two main reasons why they are interested in energy conservation. First, people want to cut back on energy consumption as a means of reducing home heating (and cooling) costs. Second, many of these same individuals are also concerned about the carbon footprint they leave when it comes to the energy consumption at their homes.

A variety of strategies can be employed by a homeowner as a means of cutting back on energy use on a consistent basis. One tactic worth considering is making use of large windows in a residence. In fact, a variety of important advantages of big windows exist.

Big Windows Enhance Natural Heating

The primary way in which big windows help save on energy use (and the associated expense) is through their ability naturally permit the heating of a room. Thanks to large windows, the sun more effectively warms a room during the colder months of a year.

The manner in which the sun heats a room can be regulated in the summertime through the use of appropriate drapes of curtains.

Increase in Natural Lighting

Another way in which big windows works to conserve energy use and expense is because of the manner in which these types of windows permit a greater amount of natural light to enter into a residence. Even in the daytime, a room with small windows may require the use of supplemental lighting within the space. Thanks to the larger amount of light that enters into a room through large windows, lights can be kept off and electricity not used to illuminate a space in a residence.

Better Ventilation

When it comes to the advantages of big windows, another of the benefits associated with these large windows is improved ventilation in a room and residence. Of course, ventilation improvement depends upon the actual design of large windows. Some are not outfitted to open. However, many large windows are designed to allow for them to be opened to permit fresh air into a room.

Thanks to the more expansive ventilation possibilities associated with some larger windows, the amount of energy use at a residence can be reduced to some degree. For example, when the weather outside is mild and pleasant, an open larger window can be used to regulate the temperature to a comfortable level within a residence without the need for electric fans, air conditioning or a swamp cooler. This can result in a savings of energy and money over the course of any given warmer season.

Double Pane Glass

Consideration must be taken to the construction of big windows when energy savings is an important factor. For example, an important step to take is to obtain large windows that are double paned.

Windows with double panes accomplish a number important energy saving objectives. First, during colder months, double pane large windows more effectively keep warm air in a residence and prevent the entry of colder air into a home. During warmer months, double pane windows have the opposite effect. They keep cooler air inside a residence and prevent hot air from entering into the premises.

When making decisions about windows in a home, close consideration of these advantages needs to the undertaken by a home owner. By paying attention to these factors, a person is able to save money and lower the use of energy. This benefits a person’s budget as well as the environment.

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