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Vinyl windows were first introduced in the market in the 1950s, the technology first appeared in the U.S. in 1964. Vinyl windows didn’t become a player in the new construction market until the late 1980’s. By 2009 vinyl windows accounted for about 60 percent of all window sales.

The manufacturing of vinyl windows has evolved since their inception, to provide consumers with the most Energy Efficient window option in the market today.

Important features to consider when you are shopping for new or replacement windows:

Double or Triple Glazing

Double-glazed windows have a sealed space between two panes of glass filled with argon.  Triple-glazing adds a third layer of glass, which reduces noise significantly.

LowE-180 Coating

It’s transparent and improves the efficiency of the glass by reflecting heat yet letting light in. The coating is applied to the inside glass to keep the heat in during the frigid Canadian winter temperatures.

It provides excellent insulating capability, blocking heat loss to the outside and reflecting heat back into the room plus it allows the winter sun’s heat to pass into the home. The dramatic improvement in comfort from windows with warm glass surfaces also means the relative humidity of the indoor air can be controlled and maintained properly. The better insulated the window glass, the warmer your room will be.

Neat® Naturally Clean Glass

Exclusive to Window City our Neat® naturally clean glass harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. Your windows will stay cleaner longer and will clean easier.

Homeowners and builders will enjoy the effects that a little sun, rain and Neat glass brings to windows. Not only that, because Neat is applied to Window City’s LoĒ® 180 coated glazings, homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

i89 Glass

All-new at Window City is our new energy-saving surface coated glass that meets the toughest energy guidelines. This new coating will be found on the inside surface (room side) where it reflects the escaping heat back into the room, lowering U-factors. Coupled with our LoE-180 and argon fill, this double pane unit delivers near triple pane performance. What’s more, LoE-i89™ enhanced performance glass is easy to clean and there is no haze to mar the view allowing more light to come into the room.

Window City products are Energy Star® Certified, and tested for AAMA and WDMA/CSA. For More information about the rating criteria and standards for windows and doors visit the Government of Canada’s website




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  1. Vinyl windows are used widely and are very much durable but still we need to keep a lot of thing in mind before using vinyl windows, the same that you have shared here. Thanks for such a nice post.

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