Video of Features and Benefits of our Double Hung Tilt Windows

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Watch our video for an overview of the extensive features, benefits and options on our Double Hung Windows.

Our engineers created this double hung window to satisfy sophisticated styling expectations while providing the maximum flexibility in ventilation options. Double Hung windows can open from the top or bottom with an upper and lower sash that slide vertically past each other in a single frame allowing more flexibility in ventilation. This is a window style commonly seen in many elegant homes. Both sashes also tilt in to permit easy exterior cleaning from the inside and the window comes with an easily removable full screen.

Rest assured that our Double Hung Tilt Windows will make your home more comfortable and more beautiful than ever before. At our Toronto manufacturing plant we make sure that every detail makes our windows an excellent value.

Key advantages of double hung windows are:

  • Versatility: Double-hung windows are suitable with most home styles
  • Air conditioner and screen friendly: They can hold AC units safely and screens can be added and removed when necessary.
  • Easy to cleanup.

If you see the value in a great window, come to the people who give you great value in windows: Window City has made over a million windows for homes across Canada – all with a true life time warranty. See your windows in a whole new light!

We have created videos for all of our product lines. To see more videos about other products or care and maintenance please visit our VIDEO page!

We are a windows and doors manufacturer

We are the largest window and door manufacturer in Canada with a 500,000 sq.ft facility and we offer one of the best warranties in the industry. This allows us to provide windows to meet your needs and your budget without sacrificing quality because every Window City window and door is custom made just for your home. So whether you’re looking for the best money can buy or something a little simpler, we’ve got you covered.

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