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Each year the USTCI conducts business surveys and industry research to identify certain international companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community. Companies of this caliber enhance the consumer driven stature that the Canadian economy is renowned for.

Window City Manufacturers Inc. has consistently demonstrated a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values. This recognition by USTCI marks a significant achievement as an emerging leader within various competitors and is setting benchmarks that the industry should follow.

As part of the industry research and business surveys, various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the selected companies in each category. This research is part of an exhaustive process that encapsulates a year long immersion in the business climate of the Canadian economy.

Window City Manufacturers

We are the largest window and door manufacturer in Canada with a 500,000 sq.ft facility and we offer one of the best warranties in the industry. This allows us to provide windows to meet your needs and your budget without sacrificing quality because every Window City window and door is custom made just for your home. So whether you’re looking for the best money can buy or something a little simpler, we’ve got you covered.

8 Reasons to Improve the Windows of Your Home

Have you thought about updating or improving your windows in your home? Well there are a lot of reasons why updating your windows can benefit you and the value of your house. We picked our top 8 reasons to improve the windows on your home. If you have any more reasons to include then post in the comments below!

8 Reasons to Improve the Windows of Your Home

8 Reasons to Improve the Windows of Your Home

We are a windows and doors manufacturer

We are the largest window and door manufacturer in Canada with a 500,000 sq.ft facility and we offer one of the best warranties in the industry. This allows us to provide windows to meet your needs and your budget without sacrificing quality because every Window City window and door is custom made just for your home. So whether you’re looking for the best money can buy or something a little simpler, we’ve got you covered.

Windows & Doors Energy Star compliant

The Energy Star™ program was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help identify energy-efficient choices for your home. The Energy Star™ seal is only granted to products that demonstrate significant reduction in energy consumption in the home. The majority of Window City windows and doors meet or exceed U.S. and Canadian regulations to be considered Energy Star™ compliant. Window City is also an Energy Star™ Partner

5 Amazing Window Designs You Should Consider

Windows come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes. The role of windows has changed over time, besides providing light and ventilation; they are used to make a statement. In addition to enhancing the design of the house, they reflect the homeowner’s style and character.

Many people replace their windows for safety reasons, energy conservation or altering the appearance of a room. When replacing your windows, ensure that they don’t alter the original layout design of the house.

Window Designs

Photo credit: Sharon Mollerus

The most common window designs are the sash, square windows and case windows. While they are easy to clean and require little maintenance, these windows could make a room dull. You can alter the appearance of a room by installing stylish windows. New technology has enabled innovation of magnificent yet energy efficient windows. If you want your house to stand out, you may want to consider installing these chic window designs.

Bay Windows

They are also referred to as bow windows. These windows are great for adding flair and splendor to any drab room. They feature three or more segments of windows joined to form a curve. These windows are ideal if you’re looking to create more interior space because they protrude to the exterior. They provide a three-dimensional feel to your house and allow light into the room. These windows enable you to enjoy beautiful views from your house and could provide an extra storage place or seat.

Window Designs

Photo credit: David Saddler

Transom Window

This is a small window over a door or another window. A beam or bar is used to separate a door or window from the small window above. Generally, this is a decorative window. But could be operational to allow air circulation or stationary to let in more light.

These windows are ideal if you want to create the feel of larger spaces. You can install these windows above interior or exterior doors to enhance their beauty.

Window Designs

Photo credit: NCinDC

Clerestory Windows

If you want to increase the amount of natural light into any inner space, clerestory windows could do the trick. These windows are placed high up in the wall- above eye level- and make the room bright and beautiful.

They enhance roof lines while ensuring that your privacy is maintained. These windows provide enough space for storage and ensure that the walls remain in sound condition.

Window Walls

Window walls connect the indoors with the outside world. They create a calm transition between the interior and exterior areas. These windows allow you to enjoy magnificent views and strike balance by creating focus in a room. You can increase ventilation by combining window walls with roof windows. This creates updrafts which channel warm air away from the house. This type of window is common in beach homes and lakefront homes.

Window Designs

Photo credit: Jeremy Levine

Entry Door Windows

An impressive entryway says a lot on the character and style of the homeowner. Your front door determines what people can expect when they enter your home. While transoms and sidelights may be used to provide light and views, they could also decorate entryways.

Unusual Window Shapes

A magnificent window can be the point of focus and bring character in a room. An unusual window shape can be used to highlight a home’s design. These windows could be installed in any part of a room to bring light and warmth to dark corners.

Contemporary Windows

Innovation has enabled the customization of different styles of windows, which are energy efficient. Contemporary windows are ideal for modern architecture. They create clean lines and larger spaces. If you’re renovating your home, you can ask an expert to help you choose the perfect window that suits your home’s design.

Hear About the New Home Energy Loan Program? Well Listen Up!

If you have yet to hear about the Home Energy Loan Program, we can HELP. The innovative public-private partnership is aimed at lowering the costs for home energy efficiency improvements. HELP is a single family residential program that seeks to not only improve your home’s energy efficiency but also allows you to save some money while at it. A good example of the cost effective home improvements that HELP intends to achieve include; upgrading your insulation together with replacing your old furnace.

Home Energy Loan Program






Photo Credit: Reuse Warehouse

In most cases people consider retrofitting as an expensive affair. Hence the reason why it is rarely practiced. Therefore, HELP is dedicated towards removing all the barriers. It offers all the solutions to the stumbling blocks. By providing low interest loans to qualified homeowners, HELP assists in improving the energy and water efficiencies in their residence. The cities are given the mandate to provide all the necessary funds to facilitate the improvements by the homeowner.

The repayment process works in such a way that the homeowner is required to repay the amount due in instalments to the City over a given period of time. The homeowner is charged on their property tax bill.

How Exactly Does It Work? 

As an alternative to traditional financing, HELP has made some improvements. It allows a homeowner to enter into an agreement with the City in which they reside. You will be required to submit an application to the City’s Program. In the agreement, the City undertakes qualifying water conservation and energy efficiency improvements on a named property.

The City in turn imposes a special charge together with interest and other administrative charges that it are likely to incur in the course of making the improvements. In most cities, payment is made over a period of 15 years as a special charge which is indicated on your property tax bill. Since all the payment obligations are attached to the property and not the owner, a change in ownership means, the new owner assumes the repayment obligations. HELP is secured by the so called City’s priority lien status.

The Benefits of the Home Energy Loan Program

HELP was designed to take care of the following issues:

  • Prevents the homeowner from incurring high initial costs associated with home energy improvements. The repayment process is spread over a long time, cushioning the owner.
  • The fact that HELP financing is strictly attached to the property and the owner, once the property is sold all the payment obligations are transferred to the new owner.
  • Payment can be made at any time as there is no penalty for delayed payments or default payments.
  • As compared to other conventional financing options, HELP uses lower interest rates and allows you to repay your balance over a longer period of time.
  • By increasing access to home energy efficiency retrofits it reduces utility burden and leads to an increased disposable income for working families.

Eligible Home Energy Improvements

HELP supports the following improvements:

  • Furnace/boiler improvements
  • Central air conditioner improvements
  • Water heater improvements
  • Window/door replacements
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • Exterior wall insulations
  • Toilet replacements
  • Basement insulation

replacement windows vaughan.2











Photo Credit: Josh and Melanie Rosenthal

Application process

Before one begins to reap the benefits of HELP, they need to go through the application process:

a)  Pre-Qualification

A home owner is provided with a Pre-Application Form which they need to fill. From your application, the City will then determine your eligibility and the maximum amount of funding available to you.

b)  Home Energy Assessment and Funding Request

Find a certified Energy Advisor to conduct the home energy assessment which in most cases includes: basement to attic assessment, assessing the heating and cooling systems, leak detections among others. Once it is done, you’ll get a full report on the energy efficiency levels of your home and the proposed recommendations.

c)  Property Owner Agreement 

The City will only send you this once your funding request is approved. You’ll be required to sign the POA and return it to the City.

d)  Complete the Improvements

Hire a contractor to complete the improvements. Once this is done, request the Energy Advisor to conduct a final assessment and make a report to be submitted to the City for final disbursement.

e)  Time to repay your loan

Once the project is complete, the City will demand that you honour the agreement and make payments appropriately.







Saving Energy and Using Your Windows Wisely: Advantages of Big Windows

advantages-of-big-windowsA growing number of people are interested in conserving energy in their homes. Typically, these individuals site two main reasons why they are interested in energy conservation. First, people want to cut back on energy consumption as a means of reducing home heating (and cooling) costs. Second, many of these same individuals are also concerned about the carbon footprint they leave when it comes to the energy consumption at their homes.

A variety of strategies can be employed by a homeowner as a means of cutting back on energy use on a consistent basis. One tactic worth considering is making use of large windows in a residence. In fact, a variety of important advantages of big windows exist.

Big Windows Enhance Natural Heating

The primary way in which big windows help save on energy use (and the associated expense) is through their ability naturally permit the heating of a room. Thanks to large windows, the sun more effectively warms a room during the colder months of a year.

The manner in which the sun heats a room can be regulated in the summertime through the use of appropriate drapes of curtains.

Increase in Natural Lighting

Another way in which big windows works to conserve energy use and expense is because of the manner in which these types of windows permit a greater amount of natural light to enter into a residence. Even in the daytime, a room with small windows may require the use of supplemental lighting within the space. Thanks to the larger amount of light that enters into a room through large windows, lights can be kept off and electricity not used to illuminate a space in a residence.

Better Ventilation

When it comes to the advantages of big windows, another of the benefits associated with these large windows is improved ventilation in a room and residence. Of course, ventilation improvement depends upon the actual design of large windows. Some are not outfitted to open. However, many large windows are designed to allow for them to be opened to permit fresh air into a room.

Thanks to the more expansive ventilation possibilities associated with some larger windows, the amount of energy use at a residence can be reduced to some degree. For example, when the weather outside is mild and pleasant, an open larger window can be used to regulate the temperature to a comfortable level within a residence without the need for electric fans, air conditioning or a swamp cooler. This can result in a savings of energy and money over the course of any given warmer season.

Double Pane Glass

Consideration must be taken to the construction of big windows when energy savings is an important factor. For example, an important step to take is to obtain large windows that are double paned.

Windows with double panes accomplish a number important energy saving objectives. First, during colder months, double pane large windows more effectively keep warm air in a residence and prevent the entry of colder air into a home. During warmer months, double pane windows have the opposite effect. They keep cooler air inside a residence and prevent hot air from entering into the premises.

When making decisions about windows in a home, close consideration of these advantages needs to the undertaken by a home owner. By paying attention to these factors, a person is able to save money and lower the use of energy. This benefits a person’s budget as well as the environment.

Top 5 Window Designs

Window DesignsWindows are a source of light and ventilation in all types of buildings. They are also design elements that add interest and value to homes. There are many types of window designs but this article will address what I believe to be the five best window designs.

Garden Window

This type of window is smaller than a bay window and is usually located in the kitchen. The window looks like a glass box that juts out from the outer wall of the house. The design allows maximum natural light to come in with glass on all the sides and top. The bottom is a solid piece of metal. The top part is another type of window to allow airflow. On the inside of the window, there is usually a removable bed for easy cleaning or to catch spills when watering plants. Some even have a shelf to add more places for plants. The garden window is the perfect place to grow an herb garden or just to display your favorite plants and flowers. It adds a freshness and color to the room.

Awning Window

This is the perfect window for a bathroom or basement. The best thing about this window is that it opens in a way to allow airflow without letting rain water into the house. These windows are hinged across the top and open outwards. They are usually wider making them perfect for the basement or bathroom. They work well in the bathroom because they can go higher up on the wall allowing for privacy while letting light and air in the room. A lot of houses will have an awning window above a large picture window to provide ventilation without letting any outside elements in.

Bow Window

The bow window is a large curved window that juts out from the exterior wall of the house. It is basically a bay window except it is shaped like an arc. The bow window is more interesting and elegant looking than a bay window. This type of window design allows natural light and an expanded view of the outdoors. It can also double as additional seating which is essential in a small room or house. Storage can be created under the bow window increasing its function in a smaller space. This window is made by joining four or more double hung or casement windows and has been around since the 18th century.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are the most popular window design in today’s homes. There is a lower and upper sash to the window. They open independently of each other so you can open the top of the window only. This is a great feature especially in homes with smaller children. Fresh air can come in without the worry of the child throwing things out the window or falling out of the window. One of the nice features is that both sashes can be tilted outward for easy cleaning on both sides of the window. This is an important feature for people without the ability to go outside and climb ladders to clean their windows.

Windows made in architectural shapes are usually unique in appearance and custom made for a particular design plan. These are the windows that you often see in the top portion of exterior doors. In fact, the circle top design is probably the most popular window design in a door. Many of these uniquely shaped windows are made of textured and colored glass. Some even have specific details similar to stained glass windows.

What Windows Suit Your Climate Best?

Windows Weather is always changing, but the climate you live in will dictate what that weather will be like, so you should select the type of windows that will suit your climate best. The best windows will allow you to control the temperature within your house.

What to Look for in Climate-Friendly Windows

The first thing to look for is the correct type of window frames. Wooden frames are efficient, but tend to be costlier and need a lot of maintenance. Fiberglass and particularly vinyl windows are among the most efficient, while aluminum frames, despite their wide use in new construction, are the least efficient.

Windows will contain at least double panes, and triple pane windows are readily available and extremely efficient at keeping out the cold or heat. The vacuum created between the panes is filled with various gasses to improve insulation. The gas argon is affordable and most typically used, while krypton is used in thin specialty glass.

Know Your Coefficients

Coefficients are numerical ratings of the various aspects of a window’s glazing. They include:

  • The CR rating, or condensation resistance
  • The U-value, which measures thermal transmittance
  • The VT, or visual transmittance
  • The SHGC, or solar heat gain coefficient

Simply put, the CR will measure how much moisture is likely to collect on the inside or outside of the window, while the U-value measures the amount of heat transferred through the glass through radiation, conduction, and convection. SHGC indicates the fraction of the amount of the total solar heat that can pass through the glass. All these factors need to be taken into account when choosing the right window for the climate.

The best windows in hotter regions will be those that can block the sun’s heat from coming inside with low emissivity protection. These low-E windows are coated on the inside of the outermost pane with metallic oxide.

Metallic oxide can also be useful in colder areas, but this time the coating must be on the outer side of the innermost pane of glass, completely opposite from its hot cousin. Recommendations for other coefficients are an SHGC of 0.55, or higher on the building’s sunny side, and a U-value that is less than 0.33, or as close to 0.2 as you can find.

Mixed Climates Need a Different Combination

In mixed climates, the coefficient values you will need will depend on the side of the house and whether the area experiences longer periods of cold or hot weather through the year. In general, if the weather is colder for long periods, follow the rules for cold climates, but use a lower SHGC on the sunnier sides to help prevent heat gains that will lead to higher air conditioning bills.

Whatever your climate, experts agree that the best way to select the right window is to look for NFRC-rated windows. The National Fenestration Rating Council is a non-profit organization that provides energy efficiency ratings for windows, skylights, and doors.

The Differences Between Wood & Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl Replacement WindowsHomeowners who have decided to replace the existing windows in their homes need to decide what type of window frames they will install. For many homeowners, the choice is between vinyl and wood replacement windows.

In the past, wood was the most common type of material used for windows and vinyl windows had a poor reputation. Today, the quality of vinyl windows has improved greatly and more and more homeowners are choosing to install them. Wood replacement windows are still popular with those who value a natural look and who are willing to spend money and effort to keep the wood properly maintained.

Advantages of Wood Frames

Wood window frames have the advantage of having a very natural look which makes them attractive for homes with traditional styling. Wood is a very strong material and if the wood is properly maintained, it will last a long time before it needs to be replaced. Extremely high quality wood frames will look more beautiful than most lower grade vinyl frames.

Advantages of Vinyl Frames

Vinyl frames are considerably lower in cost than wood frames and the vinyl material is particularly durable. Many homeowners today do not wish to repaint wood frames every few years in order to keep the wood from rotting. With vinyl replacement windows, there is virtually little or no upkeep required to keep the windows looking as good as new. They will resist rotting or corrosion and are not affected by termites.

Vinyl frames today are available in a variety of grades and finishes. This means that they can be customized to blend nicely with the style of your home. The main advantage of vinyl frames is that they will look as good as new for many years to come.

Disadvantages of Wood Frames

Wood requires a lot of periodic upkeep so the wood is protected from the elements. This means that every few years, the homeowner must paint or stain the windows. Changing weather conditions can also act on the window frame and make it swell and shrink unevenly. This can eventually cause the glass in the window to break.

High quality wood frames are very expensive to install. Wood frames will look attractive when they have been very recently painted or stained, but the effects of the weather will quickly take a toll on their appearance.

Disadvantages of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl windows are usually available in a limited range of colors such as white or tan. They cannot be painted after they are installed so the homeowner cannot change the color scheme to update the look of the home without changing the frames.

Modern replacement windows are usually made to be very energy efficient. While vinyl is a good insulator, it cannot match the insulation performance of wood.

Some high end homes with traditional styling look more attractive with wood replacement windows. However, vinyl frames are now available that resemble wood so closely that it is difficult to tell them apart. This offers the homeowner the attractive elegance of wood with the easy upkeep of vinyl.

Vinyl is Less Expensive

Vinyl windows are not only cheaper to purchase, they are also far cheaper to maintain since there is no need to keep painting or staining them. They will maintain their attractiveness for decades with no additional effort or expense.

Homeowners who value a traditional look and who are willing to keep paying a lot of money for upkeep may prefer to install wood replacement windows. However, increasing numbers of homeowners are choosing to install vinyl when their windows need to be replaced.

What is a U-Factor for Windows?

U-Factor for WindowsWindows protect us from harmful elements of nature. When evaluating their quality, we have to examine what is known as the u-factor for windows.

What Does U-factor for Windows Mean?

When measuring the efficiency of your window, you will want to know the level of insulation it provides you with. This is done by measuring the U-factor which ascertains how much heat is transferred through a window. The lower the U-factor, the better the resistance to heat flow in and out of the window. This means you get a better quality window. The values for U-factor range between 0.25 and 1.25. The optimal measure for your window will depend on your location.

How to determine U-factor for Windows

A U-factor rating generally refers to the entire window assembly including the glazing, the frame as well as the spacer. The spacer is a part of the window that separates the glazing panels and this often results in the U-factor level dropping a bit.

High performing double window pane set-ups will have a U-factor of 0.30 or lower. In fact, triple-pane windows go down to as low as 0.15, which speaks a lot for their efficiency. Some window manufacturers have begun to add coatings that emit lower as well as use gas in spaces to decrease the U-factor level.

A few people also take into consideration the center of glass factor — this refers to the rating of the glazing on the glass alone. Though not common, it is sometimes asked for as well.

U-factors for Various Climates

Knowing the U-factor of your windows is beneficial whether you are in a cool climate or a hot one. Insulation is necessary for a home to keep it at ideal temperatures. Take a look at some of the major climates and the necessary U-factors to deal with it.

Cold Climates

These are climates that require heat to be retained in a home. In such cases, a U-factor of 0.30 or less is ideal for windows. If you have skylights in your home, then 0.55 would be the ideal level to look at. If you do not depend extensively on air-conditioning, you will want your windows to retain some of the heat of the sun during the day. In such cases, 0.32 U-factor is good.

Mixed Climates

These are areas where you will need heating and cooling in equal measure. For such homes, a U-factor of 0.32 or less is best for windows. Skylights should not exceed 0.55. To help determine what U-factor you are looking at for your home, examine your heating bills. The higher the bill, the more necessary it is to have a window with a lower U-factor. This helps increase energy efficiency as well.

Hot climates

Hotter regions are where you need a higher cooling factor. In such cases, you should look at a U-factor of 0.60 for windows. Skylights may be at 0.70. Such U-factors are also useful in colder times when you will increase the heating in your home, and this keeps the heat in.

It is important that you understand the functioning as well as the various criteria in choosing the right u-factor for windows in your home. In fact, you may even get in touch with an energy audit inspector who will give you a good idea of what will work best for your home. Ensure that you purchase what is recommended for the area in which you live and that the store has post-sales services to deal with any issues you may have.

Bay Windows Finishes & Options

Bay Windows Finishes & Options

Bay windows are custom built to your specifications and are made up of a combination of fixed or opening windows joined together. For each fixed or operating window (casement or hung) you can choose from our Heritage, Heritage Maximum or Classic Collections and from a wide selection of accessories and grille options.

These finishes and options also apply for Bow Windows.

Windows & Doors Energy Star compliant

The Energy Star™ program was developed by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help identify energy-efficient choices for your home. The Energy Star™ seal is only granted to products that demonstrate significant reduction in energy consumption in the home. The majority of Window City windows and doors meet or exceed U.S. and Canadian regulations to be considered Energy Star™ compliant. Window City is also an Energy Star™ Partner