Is Installing Plastic Film a Good Idea or Just a Short Term fix?

Installing Plastic FilmLots of people want to find a way of improving the energy efficiency of their houses. During the winter, there are several methods that you can employ to keep your house comfortable. In an ideal world, you would install thicker glazed windows throughout your house, however this is too expensive for some people. Also, if you are renting a house, the landlord will not usually permit you to carry out major renovations.

In these kinds of circumstances, lots of people find themselves saddled with costly energy tariffs each year. What they are unaware of is that there is an easy solution, which is affordable and feasible, even if you are living in a house that you do not own. In some cases, plastic film installation is highly recommended. Nonetheless, not everyone will find this a suitable option. To help you decide whether it is right for you, here are the main pros and cons to weigh up:

Pros of Installing Plastic Film

When you install plastic film, it is similar to installing an additional pane of glass. Consequently, you might notice that substantially less heat is lost — as much as fifty percent less in certain cases. This reduces the energy required to warm your house, which cuts your heating bill and keeps you cozy through the cold winter months. During the summer months, you could even use this film on your windows to lower your cooling bills.

Condensation can be reduced with plastic film too. This warms up the surfaces of the windows inside your house. Also, it can lessen convective currents, which makes draft problems less probable. This further increases the comfort of your house over the colder periods.

Once you have finished with the plastic, you can remove it easily and quickly without having to clear up any mess. You just need to follow the correct disposal procedures. These films are safe, because the plastic can be peeled away smoothly, whenever you have to open a window.

These films can be installed in no time. Also, they are highly affordable, in comparison to other options. Typically, a film will cost about eight to sixteen dollars, although you can find them for less than this, if you shop around. This is far less expensive than purchasing new windows.

Cons of Installing Plastic Film

Plastic film is quite fragile and prone to tearing, particularly if you have pets or young children. This film makes it more difficult to see out of your windows, and it is not aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, if you want a fashionable way of insulating your house, you might be better off considering curtains instead.

Plastic film is more suitable for old windows, so if your windows are newer, you will not experience much benefit. Also, for it to work, this film has to be installed correctly. Condensation will appear on the film, if you do not thoroughly seal it.

Final Thoughts

If you have a limited budget and underperforming old windows (particularly traditional storm windows), plastic film is an effective short term solution. When installed outdoors, it reduces air infiltration. When installed indoors, it stops warmth leaking out through the windows. While the appearance of the film used to be an issue, this is not the case anymore.

On the other hand, this film can frost over, which generates moisture problems and reduces visibility. Moreover, the glue can stain or harm the paint. For the long term, it is better to save the money to pay for thicker glazed windows. If this is impossible, then window coverings like curtains are a more preferable way of making your house less drafty.