9 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Replacement Windows

How long has your home had their current set of windows? It’s easy to let the years pass by as you forgo replacement windows. However, there are some undeniable benefits of having those old leaky windows replaced with new energy efficient types. If you are undecided on replacing your homes windows, read the top 9 replacement windows benefits of this crucial home investment below!

Replacement Windows Benefits

1. Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Replacement windows can help make your home energy efficient, which is not only kinder on the environment, it’s also kinder on your wallet. Many types of windows help to insulate and regulate temperatures, putting less strain on your HVAC system. You can save up to 30% of your home heating and cooling costs with the right window system! We recommend vinyl windows over fiberglass, aluminum, or wood windows for the highest amount of energy savings. Multi-pane glass further contributes to energy savings, as the gas fills between the glass panes, and reduces any potential transfer. Make sure to check the Energy Star website for top rated energy efficient window manufacturers serving your area.

2. Increase the value of your home

If you are planning on selling or flipping your home in the next couple of years, there is no easier way to quickly up the value than by replacing old windows. Replacement windows can offer a 90% return on investment in terms of curb value. Make sure to invest wisely when shopping around for a window replacement. Research reputable manufacturers that are well established, offer lifetime warranties, and that carry reputable products and installations.

3. Maintain Consistent Indoor Temperatures

New, energy efficient windows will block up to 70% of solar heat gain, helping you keep your home consistently cool and keeping your HVAC system working efficiently. Worried about your furnace working overtime in the winter and costing you money in the form of monthly utility bills? Look out for i89 glass coating; this type of coating helps trap in heat and saves energy.

4. Protect Your Furniture

The sun can wreak havoc on your furniture, carpet, and curtain colours. To reduce the fading of colour and coating by up to 75%, look out for LowE glass coating for your replacement windows.

5. Block Noise and Keep Your Privacy

Outside noises, especially for those living in busy cities or intersections, can cause a real unwanted distractions in a home. Old, dated windows do little to keep outside noises out, and inside noises in. Make sure to maximize your home privacy and quiet by looking for multi-pane glass, which reduces conductive and convective heat losses. Sound transmission from the exterior to the interior and vice-versa will be greatly diminished, letting you live in peace and privacy. If you live in a particularly noisy area, look for glass options that help your acoustic rating, such as thick or laminated glass.

6. Added Security

Sadly, older conventional windows do little for your home security. Modern windows offer higher quality hardware that is close to impossible to open from outside. Laminated glass windows are ideal for a truly secure home; they can take up to 40 hits from a baseball bat before having their structural integrity effected. Multi-point locks also offer added strength and protection.

7. Clearer Views

Long term condensation can fog up home windows over time. Once you see the outside world through your new energy efficient windows, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t make the jump sooner!

8. Better functionality

Older windows can stall, stick, and overall do not open and close smoothly. Get rid of this unneeded hassle by upgrading!

9. Re-imagine Your Home

Your windows play a much bigger role in the look of your home than you would think. By replacing yours, you can recreate the whole design of your home, without the costly investment of renovations. Making a statement with style is easy, as long as you find a manufacturer who offers a variety of custom shapes, colours and options.

Why Choose Window City For Your Replacement Windows?

Window City is the largest window and door manufacturer in Canada, boasting an over 400,000 sq.ft facility. Our warranties are bested by none. By offering custom made vinyl windows for any home, we are able to meet your needs without sacrificing quality of product or installation. Let’s work together to make your house your dream home.

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4 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Replacement Windows

  1. My wife called me at work this morning because she said that our house was so hot due to the sun coming through the windows. You stated that new, energy efficient windows will block up to 70% of solar heat gain, helping you keep your home consistently cool and keeping your HVAC system working efficiently. Are there certain regulations that dictate what kind of windows can be installed in a home? Having someone install replacement windows might be a good idea.

    1. Hello!
      There are no regulations you may install the kind of window that you prefer but we always recommend vinyl windows as they usually are the best in terms of energy efficiency. Feel free to contact us at (905) 265-9975 and we can put you in touch with one of our Window City dealers! Thanks – Ivana

  2. My brother has recently purchased an older home. He is wanting to have some upgrades done around the house. I didn’t realize window replacement can keep outside noises out of the house by having multiple panes that block sound waves. That’s a really cool benefit I’ll share with my brother.

  3. I hadn’t thought of how newer windows can help bring more security since they are higher quality. I think it’s important to consider, if you have older windows, how they may look more appealing to intruders as a point of possible entry. Plus, old, fragile glass could break more easily in the event of an accident caused by children or another family member.

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